Kodak Instamatic

I acquired an old kodak instamatic camera from a charty shop for €3. It's shutter mech regularly jammed and the flash sync
didn't work so I decided a bit of a service was in order.

I removed the faceplate and lens from the instamatic and and proceeded to attempt to cock the shutter by moving putting tension on the shutter
spring, however this proved to be futile as (unbeknownst to me) the shutter was jammed from the rear by the remains of the flash sync lever.
It took me a while to notice this because I am neither smart nor observant so I proceeded to dismantle the shutter mechanism.
It was then I noticed the flash sync lever jammed in the shutter, after removing said lever I decided the whole flash sync mechanism was beyond
salvation and removed it(although I did leave in the mechanism for rotating cube). The old shutter spring seemed a bit corroded so I replaced it
with one from a cheap imported plastic camera with a similar mechanism. After reassembly the shutter mech worked fine.

One issue with using an old instamatic like this is the fact that you can't get 126 film anymore. You have to roll your own 35mm film into an old
cartridge. However the wonderful mechanical feel and sound more than makes up for this.